About Us

ZheJiang Summit Industrial Co., Ltd., formerly known as Jinhua Juxin Industry Co., Ltd., was founded in June 2009. It is a modern enterprise specializing in the production of labor protection articles, class II medical devices, sewing materials and clothing accessories. It is also a comprehensive enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales.

Adhering to the business philosophy of creating value for customers, adhering to the business idea of brand first technology as the king, sticking to peak industry for more than ten years, and forging the enterprise spirit of "efficient, professional, pragmatic and innovative" with iron blood. With leading technology, exquisite workmanship, superior quality, considerate service and strong sense of social responsibility, Summit Industrial company shows the boundless charm of its brand to global merchants.

Disposable Civilian Mask

it is mainly used for the visit of customers in epidemic prevention and quarantine, food clenbuterol detection, pesticide animal husbandry, isolation and treatment of infectious diseases, laboratory reagent experiment, human body joint manufacturing, class II and class III medical equipment production, etc., which are required to be used in places where the human body is completely isolated.

KN95 face mask

KN95 mask is suitable for covering the user's mouth, nose and jaw. It is used to wear and block the inhalation or exhalation of pollutants in the mouth and nose in public environment. The effective filtering efficiency of the mask is not less than 95%. The mask adopts the technology of built-in plastic bridge of nose, 3 times elastic stretch ear rope, comfortable to wear.

Certified Trust in Face Masks

All Manufacturers we find you are recognized and certified by the FDA and CE for their Production Process and Quality Standards, which makes us a pioneering trusted name in providing Face Masks and other Essential Health Safety Gear.